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Two Venues for Open Studios May 2012

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

This year I have moved my Open Studio from my home to two new gallery locations:   Studio 333 and ARTrageous Gallery.  I hope to see my collectors, friends, colleagues, and others over the two weekends.  As always, the Friday night of each weekend is party night with food, drink and music plus lots of artists.  Just check the info below for the correct location.  See art; talk art; buy art!

Streets of Hope Exhibit at MarinMOCA

Friday, September 9th, 2011

My Streets of Hope : Soweto and Alexandra Townships exhibit continues to provoke and entice visitors at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in Novato (Hamilton), CA.  The exhibit continues until Sept. 25, 2011.  Museum hours are 11-4, Wed. through Sunday.

Streets of Hope by Keven A. Seaver

Edgy and vibrant, Streets of Hope welcomes you to the current life of two South African townships.

Photography profits  from this exhibit (and from my website) benefit Friends of Alexandra, a non-profit working with kids, many of who I met and photographed. Buy a book and/or photo and help a child!  At the end of this show, I’d like to move Streets of Hope to another venue.  If you have contacts for that, let me know.

If you’d like to read more about my South Africa trip, visit our Winos to Rhinos blog

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Streets of Hope: South African Townships

Thursday, August 11th, 2011
Streets of Hope by Keven Seaver
Streets of Hope is a glimpse into the townships of Alexandra and Soweto in South Africa.

My new photography exhibit will surprise many of my long time collectors, and possibly open my work to others.   Streets of Hope: Soweto and Alexandra Townships opens August 20, 2011 at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in Novato, CA.  Venturing into the genre of street photography provided me with some exciting new images,  lingering insights, an exhibit and a book.  These photos were shot on October 6, 2010 while touring the townships with the extraordinary Robin Binckes, Spear of the Nation Tours. What began as a strong interest in the SA struggle history and apartheid, turned into a true passion.

All profits from sales of the book and photos will go the Friends of Alexandra (



If you’d like to read more about my South Africa trip, visit our Winos to Rhinos blog


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Thursday, April 28th, 2011

This year’s Open Studio offers you a ginormous 50% off all my framed exhibition inventory.  Whether it’s hanging on the wall, in my inventory storage, or against the wall, if it’s framed, it’s on sale.  As a photographer, I like to produce new work.  As a digital photographer, that’s gotten easier.  So in an effort to free up storage space to create new art, I am offering significant discounts at Seaver Photography Open Studios May 7,8, 14,15. To see some of the available images, look at  A REALLY BIG SALE! portfolio on this website. Contact me for more information.

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It’s Hip to be Square!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

I love to frame in a square – whether my images are horizontal or vertical or square, the form works for me.  When I found this article at, I thought I’d pass it along.  When I first entered into the world of photography, I shot a square format with the Rolleiflex.  At that early point, I had a difficult time composing in a square.   But as I became more used to it, I really fell in love with the square. Now I use it in my grids and frames.  Try it out next time you are framing a photograph.  Documounts is a great place to buy for both DIY and pro.

Square Mats & Frames, Matting & Framing Picture with Square & Rectangular Window

Get Squared Away at Documounts. ( – Thank you Documounts for being so square!)

We’ve noticed that many customers are going back to square one when ordering framing materials.  If you like the look of square presentations there are several options.
a square mat with a square frame

  • Square mat with a square window. Say you have an 8”x 8” image.  If you order a mat with a window cut to 7.5”x 7.5” (window should be a little smaller than the paper on which the art is printed) with an outside dimension of 12”x12”, you’ll get a square foot of matted image with a 2” border all the way around the artwork.
  • square frame and mat with a rectangle openingSquare mat with a rectangular window. If you want a square mat but your image is a rectangle, order a rectangular window within a square mat.  You won’t be able to have uniform mat borders surrounding your artwork, but the irregularity of the borders make for a unique and interesting presentation. You can also choose to weight the bottom of your mat, so that the window is shown higher in mat. Window here is shown centered.
  • rectangle frame and mat with a square opening, weighted bottomRectangular mat with a square window. This is an option if you want to fit your square image into a rectangular frame or in a  standard size Clear Bag.  It’s a good way to add a square element to a traditional presentation.  With this option you can also choose to have the bottom of your mat heavier, so that the window is higher as show here.

The Bigger Picture – Squares on Display.

Think beyond the single image to how your square presentations will look in a gallery or on the wall of your booth.  You can group squares together to create bigger squares, ie. squares within a square .

They can also be arranged in a linear fashion to create lines and paths of art that lead a viewer throughout the gallery.  And for full impact, imagine a wall full of same- size squares!

Think of squares as an opportunity to step beyond the commonplace and change it up a bit.

Because, you know, It’s Hip to be Square (sorry, we had to say it).square mats frames

You Want Art? We Got Art! We’ve Got It All!

Friday, May 7th, 2010
Keven Seaver Photography

Photography and Glass for Gifts or Home

Keven Seaver Photography

All Hanging Art on Sale!

This Saturday and Sunday May 8-9 will be the final two days for the Seaver Photography + KMW Glass Art Open Studio.  And we want you!  I have my largest sale on – OFF THE WALL SALE – ever!  If you buy a framed piece, you’ll take home the second framed piece at a whopping 40% discount.  And if you visit my facebook fan page – Keven Seaver Photography – you might get a little better deal.  You never know.  this is the one time a year that you can see the biggest body of my art in one location.  Same for Kathleen’s glass.  We love Open Studios!  We had about a hundred the first weekend;  expect another hundred or so this weekend.  But it’s almost the end.  Glass and photography – very exciting and dynamic together!!  We’re open from 11 – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday at the home studio of Keven Seaver Photography.  Address is:  68 Sotelo Way Novato CA 94945.