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It’s Hip to be Square!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

I love to frame in a square – whether my images are horizontal or vertical or square, the form works for me.  When I found this article at, I thought I’d pass it along.  When I first entered into the world of photography, I shot a square format with the Rolleiflex.  At that early point, I had a difficult time composing in a square.   But as I became more used to it, I really fell in love with the square. Now I use it in my grids and frames.  Try it out next time you are framing a photograph.  Documounts is a great place to buy for both DIY and pro.

Square Mats & Frames, Matting & Framing Picture with Square & Rectangular Window

Get Squared Away at Documounts. ( – Thank you Documounts for being so square!)

We’ve noticed that many customers are going back to square one when ordering framing materials.  If you like the look of square presentations there are several options.
a square mat with a square frame

  • Square mat with a square window. Say you have an 8”x 8” image.  If you order a mat with a window cut to 7.5”x 7.5” (window should be a little smaller than the paper on which the art is printed) with an outside dimension of 12”x12”, you’ll get a square foot of matted image with a 2” border all the way around the artwork.
  • square frame and mat with a rectangle openingSquare mat with a rectangular window. If you want a square mat but your image is a rectangle, order a rectangular window within a square mat.  You won’t be able to have uniform mat borders surrounding your artwork, but the irregularity of the borders make for a unique and interesting presentation. You can also choose to weight the bottom of your mat, so that the window is shown higher in mat. Window here is shown centered.
  • rectangle frame and mat with a square opening, weighted bottomRectangular mat with a square window. This is an option if you want to fit your square image into a rectangular frame or in a  standard size Clear Bag.  It’s a good way to add a square element to a traditional presentation.  With this option you can also choose to have the bottom of your mat heavier, so that the window is higher as show here.

The Bigger Picture – Squares on Display.

Think beyond the single image to how your square presentations will look in a gallery or on the wall of your booth.  You can group squares together to create bigger squares, ie. squares within a square .

They can also be arranged in a linear fashion to create lines and paths of art that lead a viewer throughout the gallery.  And for full impact, imagine a wall full of same- size squares!

Think of squares as an opportunity to step beyond the commonplace and change it up a bit.

Because, you know, It’s Hip to be Square (sorry, we had to say it).square mats frames