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We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

April 26th, 2010

Consider this:

In 1986 Kodak created the first megapixel sensor that was capable of a photo quality 5 x 7 print. In 1990, Adobe introduced PhotoShop for the MAC and Kodak developed the Photo CD System with the new JPEG file format. The consumer market began in 1994 when Apple introduced the short-lived Quick Take 100 digital camera.

And now the numbers:

50 billion pictures taken in 2007

6.9 billion digital prints ordered in 2006

67% of American households own a digital camera in 2006

1 billion camera phones were sold in 2007 (first introduced in 2000)

82 million digital cameras sold in the US in 2007

11% of Americans have more than 10,000 digital images

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